ICKY VICKY – Trippie Redd ringtone

ICKY VICKY - Trippie Redd Ringtone Download

I don't fuck with these niggas 'cause they so iffy iffy
Don't get caught up in situations so sticky sticky (So sticky)
All alone out in traffic I keep my blicky blicky
Yeah, ride with my lil' icky vicky
Tryna elevate, yeah, high like a hippy hippy
Hit that bitch from the back and then I dippy dippy (Dippy dippy)
All I need is two cups and then I sippy sippy (Sippy sippy)
I'm feeling loose today, tryna get trippy trippy (Trippy trippy)

I'm moon-walking in Chanel (In Chanel)
I’m in the hold for myself I can't go to jail (Go to jail)
They tryna lock me away and give me no bail (Give no bail)
And if the day come, then I'ma give 'em hell (Yeah)

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