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Hello, motherfucker, what's my name? (What's my name?)
In the Rolls, asking bitches how I came (How I came)
Got a king size bed on the plane (On the plane)
She'll get deplaned if she complain (Don't complain)
My diamonds shining, we ain't pay the same (The same)
Got a Jay-Z watch, it changed the game (The game)
Yeah, big dawg status, get it appraised (Appraised)
Told that bitch these ain't braids, she gon' fuck for the fame (Woo)
I'm the cane cane sugar mane, ice in the ring
I'ma bang bang, let it bang, bust it on your face (Baow)
Watch what you say, what you say to me, you gon' feel the bank (Baow)
Told that nigga give me space, shoot it pocket corner eight (Yeah)
Money in the Chase, big weight by the waist (Woah)
If she got a fat ass, put the icing on the cake (Ice)
I'm a pussy fanatic, get obsessed with the baddest (Yeah)
Put it so deep, told her don't be dramatic (Hah)

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