Lil Skies – Nowadays ringtone

Lil Skies - Nowadays Ringtone:

[Chorus: Lil Skies & Landon Cube]
Nowadays I'm too cool for a girlfriend
Nowadays I don't know when the world spins
Live your life like we die when the world ends
So it's alright every time we fuckin' break a sin
Nowadays shit's not the same
Life switched lanes, now these hoes act strange
And I lost my grip on the world in bliss
It's so, it's so

[Verse 1: Lil Skies]
Ayy, it's so lonely on the east side
I don't give a fuck, I keep it real I'm not gon' let it slide
Now she see me up, she let me fuck
Want me to cum inside
Broski going dumb, hopped in the car, he said he down to ride
You a little pup, stop playing tough, ain't make no sacrifice
Yeah, smokin' cookie for my appetite
I don't trust nobody, people talking and be telling lies
We just wanna win and shock them all and catch 'em by surprise
I was saucin' down until we up and then we all rise, yeah

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