Love Lies – Khalid & Normani ringtone

Ringtone Love Lies Lyrics:

[Chorus: Khalid & Normani]
So baby, tell me where your love lies
Waste the day and spend the night
Underneath the sunrise
Show me where your love lies
[Verse 2: Normani]
I’ve been so into your mystery
Is it because of our history?
Are you into me?
When it feels so good, but it’s bad for you
Can’t say I don’t want it ’cause I know I do
Come on over, I need your company
Cravin’ that synergy
[Pre-Chorus: Normani]
Don’t be afraid to tell me if you ain’t with it (you ain’t with it)
I see you’re focused, yeah, you’re so independent (independent)
It’s hard for me to open up, I’ll admit it (I’ll admit it)
You’ve got some shit to say and I’m here to listen


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