OMG – Camila Cabello, Quavo ringtone

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Oh my God, she's so right, though (you know you're so right)
Me and you, that's a iso
Waist so small, look like lipo (li-lipo)
Moonwalk, my diamonds Michael (Mi-Michael)
She's so fine, I call my best man (brr)
Ain't no rings on her left hand (no rings)
I had a dream I was in quicksand (dream)
Then I woke up with the best plans (yeah)
Oh my God, yah (uh)
Oh my god, you're awesome (yah)
Smoke more green than Boston (green)
I make a play and call 'em (yah)
Oh my God, she flossin' (woo)
On the cover of magazines, I'ma crown the queen (queen)
Bad and boujee, thick and pretty
I'm givin' her wet dreams (yuh)
I'm the main reason why her friends like me (hey)
Havin' her mad at me, tackle me like I'm an athlete (ooh, yuh)

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