Sit Next To Me – Foster The People ringtone

Sit Next To Me – Foster The People Ringtone:

Yeah it’s over, it’s over
I’m circling these vultures
Got me praying, man this hunger
Feeling something rotten
Last time I saw you said “What’s up?”
And pushed right through
Then I tried to catch you
But we’re always on the move

And now it’s over, we’re sober
Symptoms of the culture
And the night ain’t getting younger
Last call’s around the corner
Feeling kinda tempted
And I’m pouring out the truth
Just fading out these talkers
‘Cause now all I want is you
Just sayin’

Come over here and sit next to me
We can see where things go naturally
Just say the word and I’ll part the sea
Just come over here and sit next to me
And I’ll take you high

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