Wish I Didn’t Love You – Chloe Kohanski ringtone

Wish I Didn’t Love You Ringtone Free Download

Artist: Chloe Kohanski
Album: The Complete Season 13 Collection (The Voice Performance)
Released: 2017
Category: Pop

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Chloe Kohanski has been a fan favorite on The Voice all season long, so fans have been eagerly awaiting her three finale performances on Dec. 18. For her first big moment on stage, Chloe, who is on Blake Shelton’s team, debuted her original song “Wish I Didn’t Love You.” The song has the vibe that Chloe has been showing us all season long, but also allowed her to display a bit of emotion and reveal her vulnerable side.

Download Ringtone Wish I Didn’t Love You:

Oh my love
Tell me is it wrong
Swaying to this song
Holding memories of you
Oh, I'll be fine
If I could forget
Don't you think I would
Wish to god I could
I wish I didn't love you
I wish I didn't love you

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